How To build a Positive Impression 

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. The statement doesn’t only fit to measure the personality of a person but it is also applicable to all the things which have an outer look. Likewise, before entering the house we must look at the outer appearance of the house. If it is not attractive and maintained, it gives an impression that the inner look of the house would also be the same as outside, dirty and messy. 

If you have been planning on hiring house painters Auckland, you should have to keep a few points in mind before taking a decision regarding the choices of colours and the type of paint to be applied on the wall.  

There are two main categories for paint: 

  1. Interior house paint 
  2. Exterior house paint 

Interior house Paint: 

Interior house paint refers to the area which is covered. For example, a living room, Lounge, Dining room, Study room, Drawing room and Bedrooms. 

Types of Interior House Paint: 

Interior house paints have various types and customers have to be very picky and choosy while making a choice of colour and paint according to the requirement of the room. 

  • Eggshell Paint: 

The quality of eggshell paint is, it does not reveal the imperfections of the wall and covers the whole wall with a single coat. It does not take much time to get dried. Many people prefer eggshell paint as it gives a smooth texture to the wall. 

  • Gloss Paint: 

This paint is not recommended to apply in kids’ room as the gloss paint gives a shiny effect to the walls and it makes all the marks more prominent than other paints. 

  • Satin paint: 

It is commonly picked by those who want to give a classy and perfect look to the walls. It is easy to apply but it is not suggested to those rooms where the walls have an uneven surface. 

  • Matte Enamel: 

It is highly recommended for living rooms and dining rooms. Kids also have access to dining rooms and sometimes they keep their sticky hands on the wall. Cleaning is quite easy on a matte finish. 

Exterior House Paint: 

When picking up an exterior house paint, we need to consider a few points. 

  1. Absorb sunlight 
  2. Easy to clean 
  • Oil Based and Water Based Paints: 

Oil-based paints are durable and take less effort to apply whereas water-based paint takes a bit much time to apply and get dried. 

  • Primer paints: 

Primer paint is not itself has a colour but works as a base for other colours to enhance its shine and durability. Some customers prefer only primer paints as the humidity in weather ruins all the colours and waste the money. 

In short, we can say painting a house in a one-time investment in 5 years so we have to be very careful in making choices.