How To Dog Proof Your Home?

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend but there can be times when you feel as if your pet is deliberately trying to make your life miserable by making a mess and giving your anxiety by trying to pry open your medicine cabinet. Having a dog is such a rewarding feeling and watching them grow is even better but dogs can be mischievous and playful so it is up to you to take the necessary precautions to help keep your home unharmed at all times. Dog proofing is very similar to baby proofing but you don’t have to be so in depth and in detail when it comes to your dog so the little information that we have listed below will give you enough insight on how to keep your home dog proofed.

Cleaning supplies

Until you get your puppy potty trained and ready to go, chances are he will have a few mishaps here and there on your precious carpets so it is always best to keep some cleaning services Canberra at hand and a carpet steam cleaning service on speed dial to prevent the accidents your puppy made from staining and ruining your carpets.

It is also advisable to keep your dogs nails trimmed and buffed at all times because if their claws are sharp, they are more likely to tear up your flooring or your cushions and pillows so before you buy your dog, invest in a nail clipper.

Trash can

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know how much they love taking things out of the trash can and making a mess in the house so it is highly recommended to invest in a trash can that cannot be easily opened by your dog.

If you wish to avoid coming home to the floor filled with trash and a toppled over trash can, you should definitely do the above.

Closed doors

Even though it is very important to take your dog outside and go for walks, you should now allow your dog to wander outside alone because especially if it’s a puppy, the chances are, you will most definitely have to run around your neighborhood looking for your lost puppy.

If your puppy is new and not used to your neighborhood, it is very likely for your dog to go missing so always keep your doors locked and invest in locks and handles that cannot be pried open by your puppy or dog.

Crate your dog

Crating and confining your dog to a small space might seem heartbreaking to do and if you cannot bring yourself to crate the dog, confine your dog to a small room to keep your dog from destroying your home when you are away.