Benefits Of Screw Piles

The success of a construction project calls for a stable and solid foundation. It has to weather the test of time as well. You need to find the right pile foundation that suits the building project. There are generally two types of foundations such as shallow and deep foundations. Deep foundations are used when the soil at site has a poor bearing capacity and the project has a large load to be transferred to the soil. The most common type of deep foundation is piling. There are different kinds of piles and this article will focus on the benefits of screw piles. They are also called helical anchors. What makes it different from normal piles is that there are plates connected in a spiral shape around the central shaft. The helix can be found only in the tip or it can cover a large part of the shaft length. Usually, piles are driven into the soil by a pile driver. In the case of screw piles, they are rotated so that they bore into the ground. The main advantage of screw piles is its ease of use. 

It takes only a little time to install and the process is quite simple. There are no special equipment for the installation of concrete piers. Therefore, you can select a number of different equipment depending on the project. There’s a lot of variation and flexibility offered by screw piles. You can use them in remote areas or areas with limited access as well. This type of foundation can be installed in areas where there is limited space or narrow access because of the ease of choosing flexible machinery. You will not have to disturb the site very much either. This will be a clean process with no soil cuttings. As this type of foundation produces minimal vibrations, they can be used in an area where there are already existing structures. No harm will come to the structure during this process. Screw piles can be installed speedily and this will be good for projects that are on a limited timeframe. This is also facilitated by the fact that the piles will be able to carry the loads immediately. They can be reused as well which makes it a more environmentally friendly option. This is very important for sustainability of construction projects. They can be removed quite easily. You can also make modifications to it during the installation so that lad capacity can be increased. You can use this foundation in a variety of soil types. This also adds to the flexibility of screw piles.