Improve Building Security

Keeping a building secure is very important and should be the first concern to all building owners. A safe office building will be ensure the safety of all the workers. On the other hand, apartment buildings will be able to provide security for its tenants which means more people would want to live there. Here are some ways to make your building secure.

The Lighting

It is important to have bright lighting as poor lighting can attract unwanted attention. This should be considered for the exterior as well as the interior of the building. You should install bright lights in the parking lots, near the entrance, in elevators and hallways. A well lit area will allow people to see their surroundings more clearly so that they are less likely to encounter trouble.

Security System

A high quality security system can be very effective in keeping a building safe. Different security systems have different additions and are available at various prices. Be sure to get the best quality possibility for maximum security. A security system can involve CCTV cameras and motion sensor lights. CCTV cameras can be placed in the same areas as the bright lights. This way you have well lit areas which are always monitored. With these cameras it’s possible to keep an eye out on all areas of the building. Motion sensor lights are an effective warning against any movement outside, especially near entrances to the building such as windows and doors.

Security Guards

You can either hire a group of guards who can work in shifts to protect all sides of the building, or else you can have a security guard at the entrance. Security guards will be familiar with those who enter the building often and so will be able to notice any unfamiliar faces. A security guard will also be able to monitor the video surveillance.

The Entrances

Al entrances should be secure to avoid unwanted visitors from entering the building. There should be high quality locks on all doors as well as windows. Automatic locks can be used on doors. These are ideal in case someone forgets to lock a door. The locks and hinges should be checked regularly to make sure that they are not damaged. If they are damaged in any way they should be immediately replaced. For the main entrance a security gate can be used. Industrial doors can be considered for this.

There are many types available so you can choose the most suitable for your property. Industrial doors are strong, durable and therefore they can prevent forced entry.

The Landscape

The area outside the building should also be considered. If the area is covered with large trees or huge, tall bushes then these places can provide sufficient cover for anyone to hide. Therefore it is best that the number of trees are kept to a minimum and that the bushes are trimmed regularly.