Different Types Of Locks

keysThere so many different kinds of locks to choose from in any hardware or supermarkets, which may end up leaving you quite flustered and confused as to what sort of lock matches your needs. Different locks have various other kinds of locking mechanisms and levels of security that comes with them. These things are not all that hard to figure out. By the time you finished reading this article you will be able to say what security considerations have to be made for different locks and which locks are going to suit your particular needs.
These kinds of locks, unlike others are never attached to particular things and are of the portable kind. They have the standardized components of having the body, the locking mechanism that holds the said item in place for the given amount of time, and lastly the shackle that cannot be removed until the right key is inserted. There are two different types of padlocks that include the combination kind and the keyed kind. As their names signify, the keyed padlock requires a separate key to unlock, whereas, the combination padlock require a three digit number combination.

Knob locks
These locks are not portable and tend to be primarily fixed on doors in homes for security purposes. Getting locksmith Glen Iris to change its keys then and now would do no good in trying to keep ahead of the game. Since they are very vulnerable to any external forces if placed on external doors, a simple shot from a hammer is sure to successfully rip the knob off, leaving the door completely open for anyone who wishes to jump in. This is why it is recommended for locks such a deadbolts to accompany these knob locks when places outside for more protection.

Most deadbolts and knob locks go hand in hand when it comes to the security required for doors of homes on the outside. Though deadbolts can withstand a certain brute force as opposed to knob locks it can fall prey to lock picking. To be able to provide additional security when it comes to deadbolts, it is advisable that you get locksmiths Toorak to install a flip guard. These work as anti-lock picking devices, which have a small latch that flips over the knob making it impossible to lock pick.

Jimmy proof deadbolt
These types of locks can usually be found on doors of old apartments. The jimmy proof deadbolt is a solid lock to have on your doors because it is created in a way to ward off any burglars trying to break in. This locking system in place does not pave way to pry apart the door to get in, also the security is in such a tight spot that this is one of the locks that lock pickers cannot get through, making it ideal for doors that are in place to hide and secure valuable things.
Moving to a new home or thinking of tightening security for your home may cause confusion with the wide amounts of locks out there. With the help of the guide above make a choice based on your particular need.